Frequently Asked Questions

All of us as Black Canadians from the African Diaspora have unique talents, skills, perspectives and experiences that when used collaboratively, will advance the quality of life for all of us in Canada. We are better and stronger working together.

No one is without knowledge except he who asks no questions.
-African Proverb


What is the Canadian Institute for People of African Descent (CIPAD)?

It is the realization of a response to a vision, birthed from national gatherings and planning, of a Hub for policy making/framing, engagement and dissemination of policy and research. It is for us and by us. It will have influence at a systemic level

What is the purpose of the CIPAD Feasibility Study (CIPAD-FS)?

To determine the structure, framework and governance model which is African/Black Canadian community led and works in collaboration with academia and business communities to inform the Government of Canada, provincial and municipal governments as well as education institutions and business sectors about our concerns, issues and needs

What are the goals/outcomes of CIPAD-FS?

To develop the concept paper to plan the creation of CIPAD and is inclusive the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent three pillars: The Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination, Access to Justice and the Right to Development and Measures Against Poverty. The CIPAD Concept Paper (CCP) that addresses the Governance structure, core activities, priority themes it will address, e.g. health and education, core values

What are the outcomes of CIPAD-FS?

The CIPAD Concept Paper (CCP) will develop a work plan for establishing CIPAD over the four-year funding period, including required human and operating resources

Who is involved?

There is national participation via Meeting of The Minds, UNDPAD Push Coalition and an Advisory Board with representation from all regions as well as elders and youth.

How can I get involved?

You are involved now if you participate in any 3b organization – Black-led, Black-mandated and Black- serving. You can deepen your involvement by responding to the surveys, participating in the virtual consultations, answering any calls for support and subscribing to our website

Where is the money coming from to pay for the Feasibility Study?

In August 2019, the Federal government announced funding allocation toward accomplishments under the umbrella of the UN Decade for People of African Descent. The funds allocated for the CIPAD-FS comes from that source.

When the study is complete, how will I find out about the results?

What is learned along the way will be shared along the way. We want to develop and test run, as much as doable, during this information gathering and sharing process. There will be a national gathering, a mix of in-person and virtual, to launch.

What happens once the study is completed?

We continue the exciting work of making all pieces operational. So, we won’t know the specifics till the CIPAD-FS is complete. However, as this will be national in-scope, we know that our concerns and issues will be able to be proactively addressed and we will have the right structure(s) for knowledge mobilization and there will be a hub/portal/entity for research coordination, dissemination, data disaggregation and impact measurement.

Where can you find background information (web url)?

Check out the link to the UN DECADE


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